As you are considering arts management graduate programs, you likely have some factors that you’re weighing. Almost inevitably, you’re looking at the cost of the programs. While tuition is a criterion that you must take into account, you should explore the different options that you have when it comes to paying for your education.

If you are still in your undergraduate program, work to get your grade point average as high as possible. Also, look into extracurricular opportunities that you can pursue. When you show graduate programs how invested, you are in the field, and how much you have excelled, you may find that various scholarship opportunities are available. These scholarships could cover all or some of your graduate studies.

Tuition Remission
Once you have completed your undergraduate studies, you may find that you qualify for a job at the graduate school that you are planning to attend. Many schools offer some level of tuition remission for employees. Keep in mind that you may need to work for a certain number of semesters or a set number of hours per week to qualify for these benefits.

Your Employer
When you want to attend graduate school, you may find that your employer is a source of assistance. For example, by obtaining a graduate degree, your employer may feel that you will be more valuable to the company. Therefore, some businesses will pay for their employees to obtain higher levels of education.

A positive future lies ahead for you when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Fortunately, numerous payment methods are available to help you to obtain that graduate degree. As you’re researching arts management graduate programs, give the School of the Art Institute of Chicago a call or a visit to find out what the options are for you there.