Taking your pet to the veterinarian is essential, regardless of their age. Chicago residents likely want to keep their pet healthy and safe because they want to enjoy their company for years to come. When you first bring home your pet, they need special vaccinations and exams. If you adopted your pet, they must still be examined because they may not have a known medical history. As pets age, they’re more likely to develop illnesses, so it is essential that they have a safe place to go for healthcare.

First Visit

When your pet is young (or of unknown age because it was adopted), the first visit can be a little disconcerting. They get a full physical examination and deworming. They also get appropriate shots, and a stool sample is taken. However, this is also the perfect time to learn how to take care of your new furry friend. Before the visit, you can make a list of questions to ask, which makes the process go more smoothly. You can also bring any information you received from the breeder, pet store, or shelter.

Your pet may need to return to the vet a few weeks later for follow-up vaccines.

As They Age

As your pet grows, they still need to visit the veterinarian once a year for a physical exam. The vet takes your pet’s temperature, weighs them, checks their heart, stomach, lungs, eyes, skin, and coat. If you choose a full-service clinic in Chicago, they can also provide dental exams and cleanings. Wellness visits are essential, but you can also take your pet to the vet whenever they are ill to ensure that they get proper care.

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