Everyone wants to have a nice, white smile, yet not everyone has one. This can occur for multiple reasons. Often times, someone hasn’t been able to receive the consistent dental care they need, causing their oral health to suffer and their teeth to look less than ideal as a result. Sometimes they may not be entirely aware or perhaps in denial of the fact their teeth could be in better shape. If you are considering Atlanta cosmetic dentistry, here are some of the top signs this may be a good idea for you.

Constant Pain

Even if your teeth don’t look the best, you should still be able to eat or go about daily life without any pain-related issues. If you can’t eat without pain shooting through your teeth and gums, it is definitely time to look into Atlanta cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic dentists are also medically trained and can either help you get to the root of your dental pain issues or at the least, help you restore your smile once you diagnose and treat the pain. A good cosmetic dentistry practice can provide you with natural-looking fillings to restore your smile to its former brilliance.

Stubborn Stains

It is natural for teeth to yellow over time, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. Service from an Atlanta cosmetic dentistry practice is generally more ideal than trying to use the whitening products found in your local drug store. These products can only do so much and typically aren’t effective at all. A skilled cosmetic dentist, however, can use their tools and expertise to completely brighten up your teeth so you can have the brilliant smile you were always meant to possess, whether through veneers, whitening products or another type of procedure.

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