In California, a bail bond is an alternative option for getting released from jail. The bond is secured with a predetermined percentage of the bail value. The defendant or their representative can secure the bond after the defendant’s bail is set. A bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA provides bail bonds for all defendants who are assigned bail.

What are Acceptable Forms of Collateral?

Collateral that is used for bail bonds includes but is not limited to real estate, automobiles, and savings accounts. The representative or the defendant can authorize the use of an asset to secure the bail bond. The title or deed for the collateral is provided to the bonding agent.

When are Payments Made for the Bond?

The payments for the bail bond are made immediately. The bond is not valid until the required percentage has been made or collateral has been provided. The bonding agent provides a receipt to the representative or the defendant after the payment has been processed. When collateral is used, the property must be appraised. The appraised value must be the same or more than the total bail value.

Are Weekend Releases Possible?

In some jurisdictions, it is possible for criminal defendants to gain a release during the weekend. However, it is not likely in all cases. If the bonding agent has close ties to a criminal court judge, he or she could get the judge to sign the release documents after the bond is secured.

What Happens to the Collateral?

The collateral is returned to the representative or the defendant after the terms of the release are met. However, if the defendant doesn’t attend all court appearances, the bail bond is revoked. The judge signs a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. Any law enforcement officers can arrest the defendant without probable cause.

In California, criminal defendants utilize bail bonds to get released from the county jail instead of paying their full bail value. The bail bondsman requires a percentage between ten and fourteen percent of the total bail value. Criminal defendants who need bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA can contact us right now.