No matter where you live in Ireland, from bustling towns or cities to quiet country locations, having the ability to get around safely is important. Individuals of all ages may find they have mobility problems that are short term or long term in nature.

To be able to move easily both indoors and out, a mobility scooter may be the perfect solution . Less costly than a powered wheelchair, they offer freedom, safety, and ease of use that makes an ideal solution to mild to moderate mobility needs.

Understanding when a mobility scooter is the right choice starts with assessing your needs of the needs of a loved one. The common reasons why people choose these scooters include age, difficulty in walking or standing or temporary mobility needs during recovery.

Difficulty with Walking or Standing

As people age, it becomes more challenging to be physically active. This can create problems in walking or standing. Completing tasks such a grocery shopping, running errands or even visiting neighbours may become difficult and even dangerous if there is a fall.

With a scooter, individuals can remain seated while they do these tasks. With their streamlined shape and tight turn radius, they can be operated in a home, store or anywhere you need to go.

Long Outings

Some individuals may find walking around the home or shopping to be easy while longer types of activities such as traveling, running errands or keeping up the grandkids a lot more challenging.

For these people, an ideal solution may be a highly manoeuverable scooter. These can include the option for easy disassembly, allowing for the equipment to be transported in a car as needed. Most of these mobility scooter designs will feature two batteries and provide up to 25km or range per charge, ensuring you have the power you need for a very active lifestyle wherever you travel in Ireland.