Based on a recent healthcare study, approximately three out of every four US adults struggle with some type of tooth misalignment or malocclusion, which denotes an improper or crooked bite.

In this regard, it’s worth noting that the typical adult would have to wear traditional metal braces for at least 18 months in order to achieve better alignment and the vast majority of people would also be advised to utilize oral retainers to maintain the treatment results.

This is exactly why millions of Americans are beginning to make the shift from tedious, intrusive metal braces to ultra-comfortable, individualized Invisalign trays.

How Can My Local Practitioner Help?

If you take the time to schedule a meeting with your local orthodontist in Downers Grove, you’ll have a chance to engage in a very simple, non-invasive progression:

1. First, you’ll undergo a quick examination, which might include x-rays and dental pictures.
2. Then, your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth and scan the resultant mold.
3. After assessing a 3D model of your teeth in a computer program, he or she will determine the most suitable Invisalign trays for your needs.
4. The final step involves manufacturing and delivering your personalized trays, a process that can take anywhere from two to four weeks.

Once your Invisalign trays arrive, you are officially ready to begin refining your smile.

What Are the Advantages of Invisalign?

As any reputable orthodontist will tell you, Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to metal braces:

*     The aligners are made from translucent thermoplastic and they are virtually invisible.

*     Invisalign trays are detachable and removable according to your daily routine.

*     Most users will begin to notice significant alignment improvements in as little as five to ten months.

    Depending on the nature of your unique prognosis, Invisalign can be roughly 30% to 60% more cost-effective than metal braces.

So if you’d like to straighten your smile without spending a fortune along the way, be sure to contact an esteemed orthodontist in your proximity sooner rather than later.