When you examine the way a human being walks, it is heel to toe, heel to toe, the heel is the first point of impact that is required to carry the first load of weight when your foot hits the ground. It is round because it is then meant to roll our foot forward, in combination with the ankle, and thus you get walking. The problem occurs though that when that first point of contact with the ground is broken, cracked or bruised, it can’t support that initial weight impact without you experiencing pain with every step. That is why it is essential to find a qualified Podiatrist that offers heel pain treatment in Katy.

What Kind of Treatments Can Help?

Of course, that depends entirely on the severity and the type of injury, but treatments can range from something as simple as an orthopedic sock for a while, a split, right up to crutches, a wheelchair or surgery. By speaking with an experienced Podiatrist, you can be sure they are up on all of the newest innovations in the medical field of foot and joint care and can provide you with the most effective treatment to get you back to your mobility as quickly as your body will allow.

Don’t Get Shut In!

Let’s face it, living in Texas, you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery and weather in the country. The entire state is just begging to be enjoyed by everyone in the great outdoors. Of course, when you have an injury to your heel, it robs you of being able to perform any activity outside of the house, sometimes even restricting you to sitting all day.

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