If a person is planning a home remodel or a major home cleanout, they should consider renting a Dumpster CT. A dumpster is a fastest and most effective way for the individual to remove waste from the home. If a person is planning to rent a dumpster, there are a few tips they should follow so they can save some money.

Rent The Right Size Dumpster

Dumpster rental companies charge according to the size of the dumpster. If the individual rents a dumpster that is too large, it is a huge waste of money. If the individual isn’t sure what size dumpster they will need, they can discuss it with the rental company’s customer service rep.

Share the Cost With a Neighbor

Before renting a dumpster, the individual should ask their neighbors if they are planning a remodel or a cleanout as well. If the individual can find a neighbor who is planning this type of project, they can both use the dumpster and split the cost.

Complete the Project As Quickly As Possible

Most dumpster rental companies will charge for the amount of time the renter has the dumpster. The best way to save money is to complete the project in the shortest time possible. If the renter is going to be doing just a little bit at a time, the dumpster rental can be costly.

Avoid Delivery Delays

Before the dumpster is delivered, the individual should make sure the area where it to be dropped is clear. If there is a vehicle, bikes, toys, or lawn furniture in the way, it will delay the delivery, and many dumpster rental companies will charge extra for the inconvenience.

Rent Locally

There are plenty of dumpster rental companies that will cross state lines to deliver a dumpster, but they will charge more. It is best to work with a dumpster rental company in Connecticut to avoid the extra charge. If the renter sees that the company has an 800 number, it is a sign they are a broker and will charge much more for the dumpster rental.

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