Being charged with a crime isn’t something to be taken lightly. You’ll need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore MD to represent you in court. If you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one, here are a few hiring guidelines to follow.

Start looking now

Don’t put off hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore MD. The sooner you seek out and find legal help, the sooner you and your lawyer can work on your defense strategy. Hiring legal help early can give you optimal results in court.

Consider specialization

When you hire a lawyer, pick someone who has specialized in handling and winning criminal defense cases for years, the Law Track says. There is no substitute for decades-long experience so pick someone who knows his way around a criminal court case the same as the one you are charged with. For instance, some attorneys may specialize in defending domestic violence charges while others are a pro at handling DUI cases.

Look at lawyer’s credentials

Aside from experience and specialization, you’ll want to check on the lawyer’s other credentials. Does he have extensive experience in criminal defense? What kind of reputation does the lawyer have? Is it a good one? Does he have an excellent record of winning cases in court? That’s another sign that you’re hiring the right legal help.

Ask about payment

Find out what payment structure works for your attorney. Some lawyers work on retainer while others charge by the hour. Sort out these details early on so you’ll know if you’re hiring the right legal help.

Factor in communication

Do you find it easy to talk to your lawyer? Do you think your lawyer listens to you and provides you with the information you need? If you and your lawyer aren’t on the same page, look for other options.