When you bring home a new dog, one of the first priorities is house training. If you have health issues the prevent you from walking the dog, work long hours, or live in an apartment high rise, it can be challenging to take your new pet outdoors each time. This is the situation where a combination of outside training and indoor potty training pads can work well.

Set Expectations

As soon as the dog comes to your home, have specific areas that are set up as indoor and outdoor bathrooms. You will want to avoid high-traffic areas or locations that are unsuitable, such as a kid’s room, kitchen, or living area. Pick an area where you are comfortable having the dog relieve itself long-term. If you choose a couple of areas, alternate where you take the dog so it gets used to each.

Training the Dog

When your dog wakes up, and after he drinks or eats, put him on a least and take him to one of the designated areas with the potty training pads. Alternate to take him outside on some occasions. Give him a few minutes to use the space but remove him if a few minutes pass with no luck. Be sure to keep him at your side so you can watch over him and repeat the process after a few minutes. Follow the same steps each time so your dog gets used to the process.

Positive Reinforcement

When your dog uses a designated bathroom area, use a treat as a reward. This will show that good things occur when he uses the bathroom correctly. It can also speed up the amount of time that the bathroom routine will take. Younger dogs can easily become distracted and start to play instead of using the bathroom. Wanting a treat can make them more likely to get the business over with.

Things to Be Aware Of

There are many reasons to choose a potty training program that involves using both inside and outside areas. However, it can also be more challenging. Make sure to be patient and stick to the plan until it sticks. If your dog has an accident, clean it up quickly and use an enzyme-dissolving agent to keep the dog from considering that as a new bathroom area.

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