Regardless of your age, you’ve probably noticed a few fine lines or wrinkles on your face. Chicago residents know that it is common to see these lines as they get older, but they may want to reduce the look of them or eradicate them altogether. If you’ve decided that you want to do something about your wrinkles, Botox could be right for you. Learning more about Botox and what it does can help you decide if you should have this treatment.


While you should go to a surgeon to get the treatment, it is a minimally-invasive procedure. It does require the use of a needle and a minuscule amount of toxin is injected into the body, but it is considered safe by the FDA if you use it for approved conditions and use a board-certified surgeon to do the work.

The toxin can be injected into various areas of the face and upper body, such as around the mouth and the neck.

It can also be used to lift the brow area, which ensures that your face looks less tired and you look more youthful.

Other Options

While most people use Botox to reduce the look of wrinkles and lines, it can also be used to prevent excess sweating and reduce migraine frequency or severity. You should talk to your surgeon and general practitioner about other ways to use this treatment.

How it Works

The toxin is designed to block signals from the muscles and nerves. The injected muscle cannot contract, which allows the wrinkles to soften and relax. The scenario applies for excessive sweating.

Botox must always be used correctly to ensure that it is safe and doesn’t harm the body. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Chicago and learn more about this injectable and others like it.