A good massage can make you feel good, help you relax and even boost your health. If you want to make the most out of every session, though, here are a few tips you should know before you ask your therapist for a deep tissue massage in New York.

Know your pain threshold

People have different thresholds for pain. Don’t ask for a hard massage if you know you can’t stand the pressure. Start with normal or moderate pressure levels and go from there. Determine the level of pressure that works for you, PainScience says.

Communicate what you want

Once you know what pressure works for you, be sure to let your therapist know. Clearly say what you want so your therapist won’t make a mistake during the session. If you feel like the pressure isn’t right, say so. Your therapist should adjust pressure levels until you’re satisfied.

Be respectful

Treat your therapist in a respectful manner. That way, the session can proceed without a hitch. However, that doesn’t mean continuing on with the massage if the therapist is too aggressive with the pressure. Call him/her out on it. A deep tissue massage in New York that’s too intense can make you feel horrible afterward. That’s not the kind of result you’ll want so let your therapist know if you don’t like something.

Pick a good spa

An excellent way to make sure you end up with experienced, trained and skilled therapists is to look for a reputable spa. Therapists with years of service in the field know what to do so they always get those sessions right. If you aren’t happy with the level of service you’re getting from your go-to spa, it may be time to consider other options in the area. Switch to a different therapist for better results.