There is no shortage of pet hospitals to choose from, but they are not all created equal. While many are fine institutions, there are others you and your pet should steer clear of for both of your well-being. If you are trying to choose the best pet hospital in CA to treat your fur baby, there are certain characteristics you should look for.

All About the People

A quality pet hospital is all about the staff. Not only do you want to choose a pet hospital with a vet who has a degree and is certified and licensed, but you want to make sure the vet and staff treat your pet right. The staff should be kind, compassionate and patient to deal with your pet and his or her needs. If the staff isn’t worried about the comfort of your pet or building any kind of rapport, it’s time to move on to another hospital.

Cleanliness of Facility

Just like any other hospital you visit, cleanliness is a characteristic that is required. An unsanitary hospital is the last thing your pet needs if he or she is already sick since it could exacerbate their condition. Also, if a hospital doesn’t have enough pride or decency to keep the place clean, that should tell you a lot about their care and treatment.

Services Offered

A pet hospital should offer an extensive menu of services to serve animals, from routine treatment to more complex matters. A pet hospital should offer wellness checks, vaccinations, preventive care, geriatric care, X-rays and lab work. Some hospitals even offer dentistry as a benefit. A good pet hospital should be a one-stop shop for all your pet’s needs.