Massages are meant to be therapeutic and relaxing. This is a long-known and well-proven fact. However, what many people fail to learn or realize is no two types of massage techniques are created equal. A Thai massage serves a different purpose from a stone massage; they each fulfill unique needs. If you’re looking for something well-rounded and wholly beneficial, look no further than a Swedish massage. This massage style is thorough and specific in its steps, all for the sake of creating the most relaxing experience possible. Here’s a little bit of info regarding what to expect during your next Swedish massage in Danbury.

Step One: Gliding Motions

This stage of the Swedish massage is officially named “effleurage.” It involves the masseuse using the tips of their fingers or their palms to move smoothly up and down the body in a mixture of hard and light touches. The purpose of this is to start ridding the body of tension.

Step Two: Kneading

The second step of any Swedish massage in Danbury is “petrissage,” or using the knuckles and thumbs along the body in a manner similar to kneading bread dough. This is an intermediary step that bridges the way toward the rest of the massage process.

Step Three: Tapping to the Beat

What comes next is what’s known as “tapotement.” This step involves the masseuse using their balled fists to tap along the body in a steady rhythm. This both provides the receiver of the massage with extra energy and encourages further release of tension.

Step Four: Heating Things Up

The masseuse will vigorously rub up and down the body to generate heat. Doing this allows the client to either get ready for more intense massage methods or simply get them to further relax.

Step Five: Shake It Out

Using either their palm heel or the tips of their fingers, your masseuse will close out your Swedish massage in Danbury to shake out the last remaining bits of tension by moving their hands in a front to back motion. By this point, you will be resting in the lap of comfort.