Opiate Addiction, which is now referred to as Opiate Use Disorder, has become a huge problem in the United States. In fact, last year, over 37,000 Americans died from Opiate overdoses; and in the past 10 years, over 250,000 Americans have died. And many, if not most, are taking in the prime of their lives.

One particularly bad and dangerous drug that is now available on the streets of our country is Heroin. Heroin is highly Opiate addictive, and it is now cheap and plentiful. Heroin is also highly associated with deaths due to overdoses. Since heroin is not regulated, one has no way of knowing how much drug is there, or even if it is Heroin, or if there is something mixed in which could be poisonous.

Some important points to consider when looking for Heroin treatment, is to try and seek a treatment facility which is accredited, and which is staffed by a Board Certified Addictionologist. Since some treatment facilities treatment facilities nowadays, unfortunately, seem only interested in trying to get your money then help you with treatment; it’s important to watch out for such a place. Don’t waste your money or your time at a place, which will not help you.

Another important point to look for when considering treatment for her when abuse, is the type of treatment which is used in the facility. Currently, the best treatments are considered Medication Assisted Treatment, like Suboxone, Subutex and Vivitrol. These medications are approved by the FDA and have been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of opiate use disorder.

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