Dog owners are increasingly concerned about the safety of the food, treats and chew toys they provide their dog or dogs. Things that were considered safe or standard items in the past, such as rawhide chews, are now recognized as potential problems for puppies and dogs for several reasons.

The reasons rawhide is a problem include the low digestibility of this by-product of the leather tanning industry, the risk of contamination of processing chemicals in the rawhide as well as the growing awareness of the sensitivity many dogs have to the rawhide dog chews.

For these reasons, many dog owners are looking for an alternative to rawhide bones to satisfy their dog’s need to chew. There are actually several options on the market, including raw bones and chew bones made from baked pork skin and other natural ingredients instead of rawhide.

Raw Bones

Raw bones are a natural option for your dog, but they are messy, they can quickly begin to smell in the house or in the heat of the summer months, and they can carry parasites and some types of bacterial disease.

Some types of raw bones can also easily splinter with the sharp shards that can lodge in the mouth, throat or digestive system of dogs or puppies.

The Safe Alternative to Rawhide Bones

There is a safe alternative to rawhide bones that are made of natural ingredients. In addition to containing chicken, baked pork skin, milk, and peanut butter, they also have additional nutrients and vitamins your dog needs.

These types of rawhide alternatives are durable as chew toys without the problems of raw bones. They also come in a variety of sizes, making them an ideal option for puppies through to senior dogs, regardless of their size or chewing intensity.