Every single business whether small, medium or large collects and maintains sensitive information about their clients and employees. These documents require careful disposal such as fine shredding and safe disposal thereafter. Both HIPAA and FACTA administer this legal requirement on a local, state and federal level.

It is important to be on the right side of the law and avoid the possibility of a business sue by the attorney general. Apparently, some of them have discovered that suing businesses for lack of compliance on this matter is a great source of revenue. The simple moral obligation of protecting your employees and clients against the rising cases of identity theft is one of the driving factors of paper Shredding in Long Beach.

It is important to realize that private and sensitive information is no longer limited to business contracts and bank statements. Every business and its employees churn out printed confidential documents every single day. These documents range from strategic planning blueprints to employee medical statements. This has resulted in a thriving corporate espionage and identity theft sector. This type of fraud threatens to destroy business security, reputation and personal credit rankings.

It is important to dispose of these sensitive documents since there are many people who regularly go through other people’s trash rummaging for any information that they can use against the company or individual. Some of these people include disgruntled employees, guns for hire and other groupings particularly those with political agenda. As such, throwing important documents in the trash without shredding makes you a target of identity theft.

There is a clear need to shred sensitive documents but the best way to carry out this undertaking is what is not clear. A good number of businesses have their own paper shredding service. However, these in-house shredders are associated with high operational costs and low security. Employee costs, replacement costs and maintenance costs quickly make paper shredding service, Long Beach the most attractive option.

Paper shredding service usually includes two types of services. These are the purge service and the recurring service. The purge service is suitable for annual clean outs. A reputable paper shredding service will just come and shred all expired documents at the end of the year. Recurring services on the other hand usually happen on a weekly or monthly basis. The shredding company usually places secure containers in your office before emptying them every week or month.

The best paper shredding service in Long Beach operates as per the set local, state and federal legislation. They not only offer secure document shredding services but also align their services with all confidentiality and regulatory privacy requirements as set in their area of operation. It is very important that a shredding service comply with all the set privacy policies.