Even though the name of the profession puts all of the emphasis on locks, a locksmith Chicago provides much more than this basic equipment. The security of a locked door, safe, or even a window has as much to do with the surrounding structure as the lock itself. After all, what good is a great lock if a thief can just kick the door down?

A company like Amazing Lock Service, Inc. doesn’t stop with the locks in commercial settings. It also offers the strong doors and frames that are needed to provide proper security. Safes are another type of locked system that is often used in commercial locations, and locksmiths provide plenty of options. The basic version still uses an old-fashioned combination lock, a keyed system, or a combination of the two. Newer technology retains the combination, but uses an electronic system to recognize key punches. This makes it harder to crack the safe since thieves can’t just listen for the tumblers while turning a dial. Another thing companies should do is get a big, heavy safe even if they’ll never fill its interior. A large size will make it hard for crooks to just steal the entire safe.

Homes also need a locksmith Chicago, but household doors often aren’t as secure as their business counterparts. Therefore, it’s a good idea to upgrade the door if your area is less than safe. Many household locks also are made with a technology that is easily defeated by someone with the right kind of artificial key. Ask your locksmith for options that are resistant to that sort of lock picking for true security. Click here for more information about residential locksmith.

A household safe doesn’t always have to be a colossal box that’s hard to lift. If you want to protect important papers from fire, for example, you don’t even need it to have a decent lock – the door just has to stay closed during a disaster. On the other hand, a safe meant to protect money, financial instruments, or guns has to be much more secure against theft. If you don’t want to use a safe that’s too heavy for a thief to pick up, try security by obscurity. Hide the safe where it’s likely to be overlooked in case of a break-in.