When people decide to have a custom-built house constructed, they may want a building that has great potential for passive cooling in addition to central air conditioning. That helps keep their energy costs lower, which is especially important in a hot climate like that of southern Texas. They’ll also choose one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners for cooling system installation in San Marcos TX.

Designing a house this way may cost more, but the property owners may not care because they are focused on environmentally friendly behaviors. When the heat is unbearable, they’re glad they contracted for cooling system installation in San Marcos TX. When they can avoid running the system, they’re happy that their custom house has efficient passive cooling.

Building and Window Placement

What features are included in passive cooling? One is to angle the house so that it gets plenty of shade from trees during the warmer months of the year. The building design places windows for maximum positive effect to allow in cool night breezes. The typical wind direction during warm months must be learned for this goal.

Exterior Shade and Window Treatments

Shade also can be created with window overhangs and awnings. A patio or deck, for example, can have an awning that shades not only the exterior but the big patio door too. High-quality drapes, blinds and shades beat the heat by shielding the interior of the home from the hot sun.

Window Exhaust Fan

On evenings when the temperature does happen to cool down, they can run an exhaust fan they have set up in one of the windows. That effectively removes warm air from the inside and brings in cool air from outside.

All of these measures cut electricity bills to a more manageable level. The household residents will still probably run the air conditioning during the day and even at night during warmer, muggier weather. It can get very humid here even in late autumn, and summer weather is sometimes brutal. That’s why area residents want installation of central air conditioning by a contractor such as Aim A/C and Heating Services. Contact us at the earliest convenience.