Find hydraulic trailers which have designed for ease of use to solve common issues most people face with transporting and handling vessels. In fact, every model has many “ease of use” features built-in and here are some of the good things they have to offer.

Adjustable Frames

Many trailers have welded frames, and there are no adjustments on the height. However, with our hydraulic and air-ride suspensions, you can adjust the frame height. This makes loading and unloading a vessel easier and faster. Also, if you need to launch and the ramp is low, just adjust the frame, and you can launch where many others cannot.

One-Man Operation

Do you need two people to hook up a large vessel? Many companies face this problem because it’s not easy to get some boats on the trailers. However, with hydraulic arms that can be extended and special pads (that work with every kind of hull), it only takes one person to load and secure the vessel.


Our Road HSTA Series hydraulic trailers come with many convenient features that make them easy to operate. For example, you can use remote control for two air features and six hydraulic functions. These trailers can handle both sailboats and powerboats.

The Value of Customization

Since we make your trailer here at the factory, you can choose a number of options depending on the kind of trailer you want. For example, with our Yard Gold Star Series, you can choose solid tires, so there’s no worry about flats to repair. Choose hydraulic arms that pivot and you can extend the frame to the size you need.