Creating the perfect landscape for your yard isn’t as difficult as some people may think. While there is some element to choosing the right colors, as long as you are happy with the results, it doesn’t matter as much as you would think. If you are interested in trying your hand at landscape design New Jersey, you need to learn about a few basic elements that will help you create the perfect design for your yard.


No matter what colors you choose for your garden, it will look best if you are proportionate in how you arrange the flowers. For instance, if you have pink and white flowers to place in one section of the garden, make sure you choose a pattern where the flowers will be even. For instance, place the white flowers in the middle of the bed with the pink ones surrounding it. Or place a row of pink, followed by a row of white and so on.

Think about the Whole Year

Different flowers bloom in different seasons. If you simply choose flowers that will bloom in the spring, your garden won’t look good throughout the entire growing season. This is why it is important to incorporate flowers that bloom in spring, summer and fall in your landscape design in Arlington. If you choose flowers that will bloom at varying times of the year, you will enjoy beautiful flowers all year long, except in the winter months.

Use Water

Water can be the perfect addition to any landscape. Whether you choose to install a pond in the middle of your yard or a fountain in your garden that you can surround with flowers and other plants, adding a water feature will be a fun element. Sometimes the flow of water can be soothing, adding an extra sense of relaxation to your garden so you can sit in it and wind down at the end of the day.

Planning your own landscape design in Arlington doesn’t have to be a difficult process. As long as you know exactly how to plant the perfect design for your own yard, you will be successful. Proper landscaping design means choosing a proportionate design that incorporates flowers that will bloom throughout the year for continued beauty throughout the blooming season. Adding an element of water can also be a great touch for your landscape..