If you are not a resident duct cleaning expert, how do you know if the duct cleaning company you hired in Anacortes WA did a good job or not? Although the best way to check this out is by visual inspection of your heating and air conditioning system, not too many home owners are keen about climbing into their ducts to give it the white glove treatment. It is because of this factor that many ducts cleaning in Anacortes WA will provide customers with a post-cleaning check-list to ensure that they are aware of the work that was completed professionally and affordably.

Here are a few things to check on this check list prior to hiring a duct cleaning company.

General Concerns:

* Did the duct cleaning service company gain access and clean the entire air conditioning and heating system including but not limited to all the drains, drain pan, humidifier, coil and fan? Make sure the answer to this question is a solid YES before moving forward to the next.

* Did the duct cleaning company show you that the duct work was clean? This includes different areas of your duct work including the space where return air is mixed with your duct work. This area is called the Plenum. Make sure that the answer to this question is yes and ask the service provider to show you areas of concern and verify that they are in fact clean. A good way to do this is to have them show you the duct work prior to them working on it. How would you know if they are clean if you didn’t see what they looked like in the first place?

Heating and Cooling Components:

* Is the heat exchange visibly clean? This includes the surface area and the area around the heat exchanger. Make sure this is a YES.

* Are the cooling coils completely clean? This will include both sides of the coils. Make sure this is a YES as simply cleaning one side will not be sufficient for a complete cleaning.

* When you shine a flash light into the cooling coils, will the light shine completely through to the other side? If it is clean, it should without any obstruction.

* Are the fins on the coils even and straightly spaced? One of the common mistakes in cleaning coils is that the contractors will bend them on accident. Verify that they are not damaged.

* Does the coil drainage system work? Is it clean and does it drains properly?

Blowers and Vents

* Is the blower area free of debris, dirt and dust? This might sound very simple, but if the blower is not clean, and your ducts are, you will have accomplished nothing. So, make sure the blower is cleaned as well.

* Are the filters secured properly and are they correct for your specific HVAC system? You’ll be surprised to learn this, but many contractors will use the same filter for multiple HVAC systems. Make sure that the filters they use for your system is recommended for you specific system.

* Is the air duct system free of mold, moisture or contaminating materials?

These simple check list items will help you know that the air duct cleaning company in Anacortes WA that you hired did a quality job the first time.

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