Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a child and you’ve agreed with the birth mother that you will adopt her child, do you really need to hire an adoption attorney in Temecula? The short answer is “Yes.” Even though you might have agreement from the child’s parents for the adoption, it is still a legal matter, and it’s imperative that you hire an attorney who has experience with adoption.

When you hire an adoption attorney in Temecula, rather than trying try to handle the paperwork yourself, the entire adoption process will move forward more quickly. Be sure to ask your potential attorney about his or her experience with adoptions before signing on the dotted line. An experienced adoption attorney will know exactly what paperwork needs to be filed and will be able to ensure your adoption process takes the least amount of time possible.

Oftentimes, people who attempt to handle adoption paperwork themselves either complete the required forms incorrectly, or neglect to complete every one of the necessary agreements. A mistake like this could set the entire adoption process back for weeks. This can be devastating to a couple who is on the verge of being united with their child through adoption. By hiring an adoption attorney in Temecula, you protect yourself from a completely avoidable situation such as this.

An adoptions attorney in Temecula will also represent you if any legal issues arise, either during the process or after the adoption is finalized. Adoption laws have changed over the years, and the father’s parental rights are now considered more so than before. Previously, a mother could finalize an adoption without the father’s consent, but processes are in now in place to allow fathers to fight for custody of a child, even after the adoption is finalized. Without proper legal representation from the beginning, you stand the chance of losing your child.

Additionally, private adoptions without legal representation have a higher tendency to fail. Without a lawyer doing the due diligence necessary to ensure the birth parents are willing to terminate their rights to the child, there is a greater chance of failure. This reason in itself is the main reason why you should hire an adoption attorney in Temecula.

By finding the right attorney, the experience of adoption can be a treasured one. With someone guiding you every step of the way, making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, you can focus on preparing for the arrival of your new child. If you’re considering a private adoption, contact an adoption attorney in Temecula or the surrounding areas to protect your rights and the rights of your future child.

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