It is never too easy to decide whether to replace or repair your industrial roofing in Ellicott City MD. You will spend money in replacing too soon and if not, you might spend more on repairing. You also can’t just rely on warranties as they might not cover all repairs and maintenance. Before making any decision do an assessment of you roof – number of years of installation, money spent on repairs, current condition of the roof and any early signs of a significant damage. For industrial roofing in Ellicott City MD it is more crucial to have a durable construction for a longer life as the repair work is usually not easy and can be costly.

Repair Your Industrial Roofing In Ellicott City MD

With regular maintenance you can be alert to a roof leak and plan in advance for necessary spot repairs. Few signs to look at that can indicate issues are peels on the ceilings or dark spots, water stains on the pipes venting or damp spots. Your roofing service company should be able to do an external inspection of the roof to look for cracked caulks and worn areas around chimneys etc. The most prone areas for developing a roof leak are the areas where a roof changes its directions around the exhaust vents, skylights or walls. These areas are also called flashing conditions. For such leaks roof repair is an immediate and economical solution unless of course the roof is already deteriorated beyond repair.

Restore Your Industrial Roofing In Ellicott City MD

Roof restoration involves complete rejuvenation of the roof surface that can extend the life of the entire roof if restored. Most of the leaky roofs can be restored instead of replacing. All flat roofs and metal roofs can be restored at almost half of the cost than what it takes for an entire new roof. The main advantages of restoration are that you can extend the life of the roof with almost half of the cost of a new roof without any major disruption of your business operations. For roof restoration, the flashing points issue needs to be resolved first and then a polymer compound id used to resurface the roof. This process protests the surface and increases the life of the roof.

Talk to your roofing service company about restoration option if repair is not possible. By restoring the roof you can increase the life of your roof by almost 20 years.

Replace Your Industrial Roofing In Ellicott City MD

When roofs have surpassed their lifespan and are beyond repair or restoration, then replacement is the only option. Roof replacement is an involved and costly process and might require completely removing the existing roof material to put a base sheet. Talk to the roofing company about the cost involved, timeframe for the replacement and the best time to schedule it. Roof replacement for industrial roofing in Ellicott City MD also means disruption of the business but at the same will provide you with long term benefits.

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