If you have are facing a DUI case, a good lawyer can help you defend yourself. This is a serious offense which may affect your future career and driving record. Your sentence could be reduced or even dismissed and you may even get to keep your driving license. Your insurance rates could go up as well, so it is important that you do everything possible to lessen your sentence.

Browse on the net for a DUI attorney. Check his or her qualifications and confirm whether he or she has experience in handling cases of a similar nature. If someone you know has been involved in a similar situation, you can ask him or her for a recommendation.

Compare fees of a few lawyers before you decide which one is suitable. Look for one who offers a complimentary consultation. Check the number of cases the lawyer is handling simultaneously so that you will have some idea of the time he or she can devote to your case.

You should feel comfortable while interacting with your attorney. Make sure you share all the facts. In case you have any questions, clarify them at the first meeting. You should know your BAC level when you were arrested so that you know the chances of your being fined.

If there were any aggravating circumstances in your case, such as a prior conviction, you should lose no time in consulting a competent attorney. In case you were innocent, you should present your side of the story to your attorney.

The attorney should prepare you for court proceedings and help you deal with the formalities prior to that. Starting the process will ensure that you can get your license back as soon as possible. You may have to go through an alcohol education program.

Look for a reputed DUI attorney. Auburn Indiana residents should look for one nearby, so that you find it convenient to visit. Make an appointment in advance so that you can be sure of getting one when you need it. Go through success stories on the website so that you know about his or her track record. Keep your calm so that your chances of getting off lightly improve. Remember to drive carefully when you get your license back so that you do not have to face such charges again. You may want to involve a family member or friend for mental support. Contact Yoder Kraus & Jessup P.C. today!