Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continue to gain popularity all around the world, and that love can be found in the Windy City of Chicago at the Chicago Bitcoin Exchange.

At RockitCoin, we love CBEX, and we have eight reasons why you will love it too!

  1. You will get your money fast. When you sell your bitcoin through CBEX, they can wire you your money the very next day using either SWIFT or the US Federal Wires.
  1. Everyone is welcome. The Chicago Bitcoin Exchange welcomes domestic and international customers. If the U.S. Department of Treasury does not restrict transactions from a particular country, then CBEX doesn’t either.
  1. Unique level of service. CBEX offers special service options just for bitcoin sellers. It is a level of service not offered at most other exchanges.
  1. An awesome referral program. They offer a great referral program that can score your friends some discounts and snag a little bit of extra income for you.
  1. A generous gift-giving program. CBEX loves their customers and it really shows. They offer special gifts like designer handbags once you reach $10k in transactions. You can also get a 10% discount on your Amazon purchases when you go through the Chicago Bitcoin Exchange.
  1. The excellent customer service. At the Chicago Bitcoin Exchange, you can be assured that you will receive excellent customer service. No matter how you contact them: by phone, online, or via the US Postal Service, your customer satisfaction is their main goal.
  1. It is a giant step up from peer-to-peer trading. When you trade bitcoin at a peer-to-peer level, the price can move around a lot. Plus, you have to coordinate our purchase with a seller that may be hard to communicate with. Going through CBEX makes things much more efficient for the seller and for the buyer.
  1. There are no transaction limits. Once you are approved, you can do your business without limits! Keep in mind, you need to be using wire transfers or bitcoin in these transactions.

As you can see, the Chicago Bitcoin Exchange is a great place to buy and sell your bitcoin. RockitCoin has been a fan of CBEX since they opened their doors, and we are sure that you will love them as well for the eight reasons listed here…or a whole set of reasons that are all your own.

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