Industrial waste is an issue inescapable in today’s metalworking shop. In the past few decades, the movement towards decreasing waste of any type has been a driving force for many companies. They know waste reduction has ties to productivity and profitability. For those who work with fluids and fuels, the installation of an effective method of industrial fluid management is an essential component of making a business more efficient and cost-effective.

What Should a Company Offer?

As the old saying goes, “Not all companies who provide such services are equal.” When looking for the best possible match, it is important to look at what they bring to the table. Consider the following qualities:

  • Variety: Do they offer a wide choice of manufacturing liquids as well as oils and lubricants?
  • Customization: Can they customize a blend suitable for your company?
  • Design, construct, build and install: Do they have the right personnel and technology to develop a filtration and/or recycling system and install it in all its automated glory?
  • Service: Do they monitor your company’s needs for specific products, arriving before you are depleted?
  • Options: Do they offer options in filtration and/or recycling systems?
  • Pick-up, recharging and/or disposal: Does the company in charge of industrial fluid management systems offer coolant recharging program and/or disposal services? Do they provide pick-up and drop-off?

The services must not only provide your company with the capability to improve its production and operational efficiencies but also decrease costs. However, it is imperative the services it provides are harmonious with the specific requirements of your company.

Industrial Fluid Management

When looking for a compatible match with an industrial fluid management company, it is important to keep in mind two factors:

  1. The needs of your company in this respect
  2. What services the management company offers

These two aspects must be in agreement. Failure to achieve this accord may result in a lack of success in achieving improved productivity and waste reduction.