Montessori schools in Minneapolis MN offer a learning method that benefits many school-aged children.

How Montessori Began

The Montessori method of teaching began with an Italian teacher, Maria Montessori, who developed the method of teaching. The educational approach is based on making the child the center of teaching. It values the human development of the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social state of the child.

The Montessori Method

In a traditional classroom, the teacher will stand in front of the class and lecture to all students while they sit at their desk. Books and a strict lesson plan is used for their educational instructions. Not all children are able to succeed with this type of instruction because children learn in different ways.

Children are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn. The Montessori Method uses their inquisitive nature to guide and support the child in their natural exploration for knowledge. Montessori teachers guide children rather than instruct them. Children learn by doing hands-on activities that are interesting to them and within their developmental level.


There are many benefits for students of a Montessori school.

Students who attend Montessori schools are better critical thinkers. They can work in a collaborative environment and solve problems.

Montessori students are more independent than other students. All Montessori students are encouraged and are provided the freedom to become active seekers of knowledge.

Since Montessori students work together in the same learning environments, they tend to have the ability to socialize better than students in public schools.

Montessori students quickly advance in their academic abilities.

Montessori schools are not for every child. They are great for children who can work independently and for extended lengths of time. The child should be able to work well both alone and in a small group. The Montessori program is ideal for children who get overwhelmed by noise and chaos.