Lead is no longer a common material in most areas, so finding lead ingots for sale that are of a specified purity and are of good quality can be a challenge. Many of the ingots sold online, particularly through online auctions, are sold as a specific purity level but have never been tested.
For some types of applications, such as plumbing, roofing or other types of construction use, this can create a problem with the material. In the same way, poor quality lead ingots can also cause problems for those using the lead to make their own fishing weights and lures or their own ammunition.

Buy From The Manufacturer

A simple and effective way to ensure quality and purity of any lead ingots for sale is to purchase the material right from the manufacturer. There are a few top lead manufacturing companies in the United States with multiple locations, allowing you to select the closest location to ship from, helping to reduce freight costs as well as speed up order turnaround time.

The manufacturer of lead ingots for sale can provide information on the purity of the ingots. Most companies offer a standard purity ingot that is 99.7% lead and a high purity lead ingot at 99.9% lead.

Large Orders

For large orders, it may be impossible to get the number of lead ingots required to fill the order if not working directly with the manufacturer. Top companies keep substantial in-house inventory to ensure they can fill standing orders by existing customers as well as have the stock on hand to also supply to new customers.

If you are an OEM or a company with an ongoing need for lead ingots, be sure to discuss order volume and scheduling before getting a quoted price on the order.