Fake movers can make a mess out of everything. If you don’t want to get scammed out of your hard-won money, then put in time and effort into finding Thousand Oaks CA mover you can trust.

Are they registered?

One way to tell if you’re hiring the services of a reliable firm is to check if they’re registered. Resist the temptation of hiring companies that aren’t registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission, Moving says. That move can save you a lot of frustration and hassle.

Do they have bad ratings?

Bad ratings aren’t the end of the world. But if there too many negative reviews or if the ratings are bad, then those are red flashing flags. Don’t dismiss them. Reconsider your hiring decision instead.

Did they give you an estimate?

A reputable moving firm will always send you an estimate of the move. Many companies will send someone to come to your home, check out the items that need to be moved and base their estimate on that. However, if the company doesn’t send someone over and just gives you an estimate without checking out many items or furniture you have, then that could be a scam.

Are the costs too low?

When you look for a Thousand Oaks CA mover, pick one that charges reasonable rates. Never choose the firm that gives you the cheapest rates you can find, not unless you’ve done your research and know for a fact that they’re a reliable and legit company. Cheap rates are often a way for dodgy firms to lure in customers. Don’t fall for them.

Is the down payment too high?

Down payments shouldn’t go beyond 20 percent of the total cost of the move. If the firm is asking you to hand over a hand down payment that’s higher than the 20 percent, then you’re dealing with a scammer.