Anyone who listens to the radio or watches television might have seen advertisements from lawyers. They might have witnessed an advertisement from a divorce lawyer who deals with primarily with one gender. A person who is going through a divorce might wonder whether or not they should hire a lawyer who seems to be speaking just to them.

Problems That Men Face

A Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA that seems to primarily deal with men might be better prepared to guide their clients through the divorce process. While the number of men who receive spousal support is on the rise, it still only stands at just three percent of all successful claims. A lawyer who deals primarily with men might be better suited to help a man get spousal support or defend him from a claim. Such a lawyer might be better able to relate to their client and offer encouraging words.

More On Problems That Men Face

Men going through divorce have to deal with more than issues with alimony. Fathers will sometimes have to deal with custody issues. Although it’s true that the law isn’t supposed to be bias in favor of either parent, it’s known that people can be bias when making decisions. The statistics show that mothers still have a better chance of winning physical custody over their children when compared to fathers. That means that a father needs to have a strong advocate on their side during a divorce that involves a custody battle.

Hiring A Lawyer

A person who is going through a divorce has to understand that they can hire a Divorce Attorney in Tacoma WA that doesn’t target one specific demographic in their advertisements. There are plenty of quality lawyers who can handle divorce cases. It’s just that some people might feel that a lawyer that advertises a certain way might better meet their needs. An individual should consult with a few different lawyers to see which one they feel is better suited for their case.

A divorce can bring on difficult times. It’s best to have a quality lawyer to help handle the entire process.