If you have identified a problem with your roof, you need a professional who will be able to complete Orland Park roof repair on your home. While you are getting the repair done, though, you may begin to wonder if it is worth repairing the roof or if you should install a new one altogether. A new roof would certainly decrease the chances of repair, but is the cost really worth it? There are some things you can do to determine if you need a new roof or just the repair.

How Often Do You Need Repairs?

One of the first things you need to look at is how often you need Orland Park roof repair. If your roof seems to need repairs every time you turn around, it could be time to invest in a new roof. However, if there are only some parts of your roof that have frequent problems, you may only need to replace part of your roof. Only a professional will be able to tell you which is the right choice for you.

How Old Is the Current Roof?

A roof isn’t meant to last forever. Certain roofing materials will last different lengths of time. If your roof is more than 15 to 20 years old, you need to figure out if it will be better to replace your roof than to worry about continual repairs. If your roof is going to keep needing repairs, it is better to put that money toward a new roof instead of making repairs.

How Severe Is the Damage?

Not all damage is created equal. If a few shingles blew off your roof in the most recent storm, they can easily be replaced without too much cost. However, if you had a tree fall on your home or there was extensive water damage due to the storm, it can be better to replace the roof entirely, rather than make the necessary repairs.

Evaluating whether Orland Park roof repair is a better option than replacing your roof can be a difficult decision. With the help of a roofing contractor and the answers to several questions, you will be able to determine if it would be more cost-effective to replace it than repair it. From how often you need repairs to how old your roof is to how severe the damage, this knowledge will help you make the best decision so you don’t end up throwing money away on numerous repairs when a replacement is a better option.