If you have a dock, then you know how important it is to have lights in the dock area. Boat dock lighting is important for anyone that has waterfront property. Without the proper lighting, the boat owners are not able to tie up your boat at night or even go to the dock after dark.

Many dock owners prefer to use solar powered dock lights to help illuminate the area. Solar powered dock lights can provide adequate dock lighting to ensure your dock is in compliance with homeowners association, city, and state codes.

Lighting Options

There are many options for boat dock lighting.

Electric Lighting

Electrical lights are lights that connect directly to your home. These lights cost more than solar lights and use electricity. Electrical lighting provides more style options than solar light, but they also cost more and can run up your electric bill.

Solar Powered Lights

Most dock owners prefer the more popular choice of solar powered dock lights.
Solar powered dock lights are easy to install and are quickly charged by the sun. The solar cells convert sunlight into direct electrical current which is stored in a battery. The battery is then used to power the light after dark.

Solar powered lights cost less than electrical lights to install. In addition, the solar lights do not overpower the dock by making it too bright to annoy the neighbors or other boaters at night. Solar powered lights provide just enough lighting to illuminate the dock, the water, and provide safety.

Solar lights come in a variety of colors and styles. They can easily be used to create a pleasant atmosphere during and after sunset.

Solar powered lights can be used underwater so boats can see obstacles in their way. An added benefit is that fish are attracted to underwater lights. You will be able to fish right off your dock!