As the Polar Vortex caused an Arctic blast of bitterly cold weather in the eastern half of the United States in January 2019, residents worried about the power going out and the furnace breaking down. The weather affected states in the Midwest and Northwest, and down the East Coast. Pittsburgh-area residents braced for the extreme temperatures and planned to call for emergency service for HVAC in South Hills PA if this would become necessary.

Bitterly Cold Weather

The University of Pittsburgh even canceled classes for January 30, something that is almost unheard of. The school didn’t want students venturing out in the wind chills that were far below zero. Cars can break down and people are advised not to try walking any distance. Everyone who was able to stay home all day generally did so, appreciating the warm air blowing from the registers. Homeowners were glad they had decided to schedule annual maintenance in the fall with technician for HVAC in South Hills PA.

The wind chill for that day was expected to be as low as -30 Fahrenheit. The temperature without the wind chill hovered around 0 degrees, hitting a record low for the date at -2 degrees. Other schools and area organizations closed for both Wednesday and Thursday, the 31st. Area residents looked forward to relief with February’s arrival, with temperatures predicted to be in the 50s by the weekend.

The Importance of Annual Furnace Maintenance

Annual maintenance by a contractor such as South Side Plumbing & Heating can prevent breakdowns during bitterly cold weather. Research has found that some 95 percent of furnace breakdowns occur because of lack of maintenance.

Being Prepared

Although these extreme events are unusual in the Pittsburgh area, it’s best to be prepared for those rare occasions. The maintenance service is like a tuneup, including cleaning, adjustments and a full inspection. During the appointment, the technician will find any problem waiting to happen, allowing this worker to replace worn parts that can fail when the household residents put a lot of demand on the equipment. Information on one particular HVAC contractor can be seen at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!