When it comes to surgery, it is never a one-person show. Operation is always a team effort even in hair transplant surgery. The Hair Transplant Surgeon dissects the tissue from your scalp and sutures the area close. The fabric is then passed on to a group of technicians for them to cut the tissue into grafts. Through the guidance of the surgeon, it is then sutured on the affected areas. The surgeon is considered as the captain of the ship, so it is vital that you find a specialist that you trust. What are the qualities that you should look for in a surgeon?


A doctor that is praised, not just patients but by staff is one doctor that you should consider. Word spreads fast, so you’ll know you will hear a thing or two about a surgeon. Don’t let one or two complaints discourage you. Investigate. Research.


You don’t want a doctor who has an excellent reputation but has only performed three surgeries. Ask the surgeon to show you at least ten before and after pictures of procedures that he has done. Also, ask pictures of scars that have healed to have a glimpse of what your injury would possibly look like once the suture heals.

Proven track record

With experience, also check if the surgeon’s track record is good. If the patients healed smoothly or were there any patients who encountered infections, etc. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Doing your research is vital. You are the one going under the knife. It is of utmost importance that it is done by the best.

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