The best trekking shoes for men are a must for anyone that wants to hit the trails and enjoy their time outdoors. If you are new to the trails you may be confused about the different type of shoes that are available for your adventures. You may have heard of trekking shoes, hiking shoes, hiking boots and more and you may even had made the mistake of thinking that they are one in the same. The fact is there is differences.

What Are Trekking Shoes?

While it is true trekking shoes are hiking shoes, hiking shoes are not trekking shoes. The difference is in the design and:

  • Which terrain they are best for
  • The amount of load you will be carrying
  • The amount of support you need

Trekking shoes are typically cut higher then hiking shoes but not quite as high as boots. They are usually lighter weight then traditional hiking boots, but they provide more support than hiking shoes. They are ideal for carrying heavy loads because of the amount of support that they provide. The best trekking shoes for men are well-designed and have comfort features.

What Type of Hiking Footwear Do You Need?

Choosing the right footwear is vital to your overall experience on your next hike. Trekking shoes are ideal for:

  • Rough terrains
  • Multi day hikes
  • Moderate to heavy loads

Choosing the right shoe starts with some planning. Trekking shoes are great on rough terrains or when the trip consists of multiple days of hiking. They can be the perfect solution for a wide range of hiking situations.

Shop with a Trusted Source

One of the best ways to ensure you are choosing the best footwear is to turn to a trusted source like Nord Trail. They have the range of footwear that ensures you are getting the best shoe for the trip!