There are a lot of different places to buy stud welding products. These include the consumables like the actual stud welds, but it also includes cables, power sources, hand held tools and even specialized equipment and supplies for cable management systems.

Saving money on stud welding products and stud welding equipment is always a benefit to a contractor or a company. By taking some time to find the ideal supplier, you can save money, have faster turnaround time on orders and also have a team of stud welding experts to turn to for technical help, custom stud weld orders and assistance with challenges.

Choose a Specialty Company

There are very few stud welding supply companies in the United States. By choosing a US-based manufacturer of both weld studs and stud welding equipment, you can use one company for all of your orders.

Not only does this streamlining the order process, but it is also a good way to reduce shipping costs and save on time in receiving orders and managing inventory.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in large volume orders is often the best in cost savings suggestions. For stud welds that are relatively small and easy to store, buying in bulk before large projects is an easy strategy.

The other option is to consider a Just In Time or JIT delivery option for a large project. This allows you to spread out purchases of supplies and materials over time.

Consider Value-Added Services

In addition to stud welding products, check to see what other value-added services the specialized company may offer. Some provide in-house engineering and design services, full cold forming services and even the design and production of specialized and customized stud welding equipment, including robotic or automated systems.

Another important aspect to consider is on-site operator training. This can be done in groups or one-on-one, or through the use of training documentation and specific requirements for qualification or certification of operators.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in stud welding products, equipment, and value-added services, talk to the team at Image Industries. An overview of the services and products we offer can be found at website