Drilling into any type of workpiece needs to be carefully planned and configured. Top companies offering machining services use various techniques and their past experience to configure equipment and to choose the right machines, tools, and settings to provide precision drilling operation results.

Each drilling operation is unique, and it is essential for the machining service to carefully consider all aspects of the part and component. This is also a factor of experience and expertise, which are two of the most important issues to consider when hiring a service provider.

Material Considerations

The specific properties of the material or the workpiece have to be carefully considered when choosing the correct equipment and set up for a specific drilling operation.

Some metals, composites, and plastics are more challenging to work with than others, requiring specialized drilling tools to prevent excessive chattering, vibration, and challenges during the operation. It is imperative that the company completing the drilling has not only the expertise and experience in working with the material, but that also has a track record of producing parts to the tolerances required.

Options in Systems

A key factor in precision types of drilling requirements is always in the equipment available. The best companies utilize both CNC equipment as well as manual machines, allowing for a correct match between the drilling specifications and the equipment and material.

As drilling is often only one type of machining used on a part or component, be sure to look for companies that offer all that is needed to produce the finished product. By working with one company with a focus on precision, quality control and a with a full scope of services, an OEM can save time, money and issues with supply chain management for projects of all sizes.