Whether a person knows an arrest is imminent or they’ve been arrested, it’s imperative they do not talk without consulting an attorney first. There is a lot that can go wrong if they talk, even if they are innocent of the charges against them. Anyone who is arrested or who believes they may be arrested will want to request a meeting with a criminal defense lawyer in Pasadena CA before speaking with anyone about the case.

Police Officers

Police officers are going to keep track of anything that can be said in case it can be used against the person in court. If someone has just been arrested or they’re about to arrest someone, they will often ask questions to try to get an admission of guilt. Even if they don’t get an admission of guilt, anything the person said can be used against them. It can be taken out of context and can look bad for the person even though they didn’t mean to say anything that was incriminating. Instead, they should make sure they do not say anything more than necessary and never try to talk the police officers out of arresting them since this is not going to work and is likely to backfire.

Friends and Family

It’s tempting to tell close friends and family members about the arrest and about the pending case to get advice and assistance. However, the friend or family member could say something when they’re being questioned by the police that makes the arrested person look guilty. They may not even realize it and may just be trying to help. Anything they say can usually be used in court. The less they know about the situation, the less likely it is they’ll say something incriminating on accident.

If you’ve been arrested or you believe you may be arrested soon, remember to avoid speaking with anyone about the situation. Then, contact a criminal defense lawyer in Pasadena CA so you can get help answering any questions and dealing with the charges against you. Visit us online to learn more about what to do or avoid doing before speaking with a lawyer.