When a home needs renovating, remodeling or a new addition, contact Residential Remodeling Contractors in Orland Park IL such as R. Brouwer Construction. The contractor will need to have experience and expertise in working with existing structural details and adding to them or repairing them to create a new space that meets all current building codes and rules. It takes a special contractor to renovate or remodel an older home successfully. Older homes may be hiding wiring and plumbing defects or structural problems that will need to be addressed.

Remodeling and Renovation Solutions

Homeowners should choose a contractor who can provide attractive and innovative solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, patios, basement remodels, porches, and decks. Can the contractor handle remodels that want to emphasize energy efficiency and even add solar energy equipment? Will the contractor carefully check the plumbing, electrical, and cooling and heating systems and update them to meet modern standards? Blending the new with the old so it all looks like it was built at the same time is important.

Contact the construction company for a free consultation and estimate for the job that is planned. The company representative can tell the homeowner which of their ideas for remodeling will work and which ones may need to be altered for feasibility. The construction company will tell the homeowner how much remodeling their budget will allow. It may be a good idea to have the consultation with the contractor before obtaining a construction loan so enough funds are secured for the project.


Many homeowners would be happy to stay in their existing home if they could increase its size with an addition. A consultation with Residential Remodeling Contractors in Orland IL is a start. The contractor can determine where an addition can be built and how large it can be. They will be able to estimate the addition’s cost so the homeowner can determine if it will be cost effective. Even if a large addition is not feasible, the contractor can look for ways to add living space to the home. Sometimes a home can not expand out but can have a floor added or an attic finished with a dormer added. The Basement may be another place to add living space.

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