One of the challenges in the installation of any type of rotating or reciprocating equipment and systems in a facility has always been in ensuring accurate alignment. Even slight deviations from alignment create stress on the system, leading to early failure of parts and components.

The Favo Laser Tracker Vantage is a new technology that is used to address this problem. With the 3D measuring capabilities of the device, this laser tracking system is able to provide highly accurate measurements within 0.0006 of an inch.

The System Advantages

The Favo Laser Tracker Vantage is an investment for any company, but it provides a level of measurement in a portable device that has not been possible for millwrights in the past.

The technology operates using a specific type of technology that is called ActiveSeek™. This technology provides the laser with the ability to follow a specific point or target as it moves, or even as the target passes behind other objects.

In addition, the system offers additional technology that can measure outside of the line of sight. This opens up the ability to obtain accurate and precise measurements even in complex environments or where traditional types of laser measurement would be impossible or inaccurate. Additionally, the system is very user-friendly, making the possibility of human error in measuring extremely low.

The system is designed for big projects, but it can also be used on smaller projects as well. The obvious advantage for large projects and the increased reliability and accuracy of the measurements ensures the design and fabrication, as well as the installation of the system, is precise.

Eliminating waste, cutting out the need for modifications and adjustments to systems, as well as reducing any risk of error in measuring for the system makes the Favo Laser Tracker Vantage an essential technology of any type of millwright services.