A nursing home negligence attorney in Gonzales, LA represents families of people who have been harmed by neglect or abuse in one of these long-term care facilities. Negligence is not always as easily discerned as physical abuse is, and the same is true when patients endure verbal abuse from the staff that can make them feel intimidated and fearful.

Examples of Neglect

Neglect can be in the form of the staff not attending to a resident’s hygiene. The resident might only have their teeth brushed once a day instead of twice, for example. Bathing may be haphazard and quick instead of thorough. The person might not always be brought to a bathroom quickly enough. Staff members might yell at a person if they soil clothing due to incontinence. Many other factors can be considered neglect in the legal sense as well.

Consulting a Lawyer

When someone suspects or realizes that their loved one has been a victim of this behavior by staff members, they can contact a nursing home negligence attorney in Gonzales, LA and explain the situation. Free consultations are usually provided so individuals can learn whether the evidence they have would be enough to file for a settlement or win a lawsuit.

Transferring the Resident

It may be possible to move the disabled person to a different nursing home. The individual’s doctor may be able to assist with recommendations, and a social worker or elder care advocate may be available to help. Sometimes, these transfers are slow processes, and the family understandably does not want to wait. They don’t want their loved one to spend another day in the current facility.

A Sense of Betrayal

Deciding to move a disabled relative to a nursing home tends to be a difficult and stressful time for the family. They want to be able to trust the employees of the residential community they select. Finding out that a loved one has been treated poorly makes the family feel betrayed. They can contact a firm such as Pujol, Pryor & Irwin for assistance. Find more information on their website and set up a consultation at the earliest convenience.