Many individuals have difficulty getting rid of those excess stubborn fat bulges and pockets that remain even with proper dieting and exercise. Now, patients have a revolutionary option to get rid of these fat pocket spots without needing surgery. The use of microneedling at Med Spa Parker residents can utilize is currently the only FDA approved body contouring treatment that is fully non-surgical. It works by controlled cooling of the targeted fat areas with the use of a comfortable device that has a suction-cup portion to draw the fat cells in order to effectively “freeze” them. This destroys the fat cell, and the patient naturally eliminates those treated cells of fat from their bodies over time.

Patients are astonished with CoolScultping Parker area specialists use to initiate unwanted fat cells damage without causing any harm to surrounding skin or tissues. This treatment is truly amazing, and the results are impressive. Each patient will meet with a fully qualified CoolSculpting specialist to get an in-depth evaluation to come up with a personalized treatment plan. The patient and the specialist will both develop a holistic and effective treatment strategy that best targets each patient’s most problematic fat pocket regions. This procedure that literally busts fat is becoming highly popular at Med-Spa Parker and other areas.

The development of fatty tissue areas is common in women. This is especially true following childbirth and as a woman ages. Men too can develop these undesirable fat bulges. Men and women that are genetically predisposed for this issue can be effectively helped with CoolSculpting Parker based body countering experts are able to deliver at their beautiful spa location. This cosmetic treatment can help individuals gain back a slimmer physique without needing invasive plastic surgeries.

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