Contractors providing service for Hardscaping Design in Annapolis MD help customers enhance the look of their property with patios, sidewalks, and other paved features. A variety of materials can be used, including bricks, brick pavers, natural stone, concrete blocks, poured concrete, and others. Hardscaping is commonly a major focal point of the entire landscape. The hardscaped areas can create areas for sitting and relaxing, cooking, and functional purposes like preventing erosion.

Extending Living Space Outdoors

Hardscaping Design in Annapolis MD can be part of an area that effectively extends the living space of the home into the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or fire pit along with a brick patio where a barbecue grill can be placed is an example. Permanent benches can be built to complement patio furniture. A planter wall provides a lovely aesthetic quality that residential customers greatly appreciate.

Building Retaining Walls

Many residential properties have some distinct slopes that must be managed so soil does not slide downward during rain. Retaining walls serve this purpose while also creating an appealing aesthetic feature. Several materials are appropriate for building these walls that are stable and durable. Little maintenance should be necessary unless the customers have chosen a loose stone or rock design. Most, however, prefer to have mortar holding those materials in place.

Using Natural Materials

Although some men and women consider paved areas to be the artificial parts of the landscaping, these areas can look more natural when they include materials from nature. Granite, river rock, and various types of stone are just a few examples. Although they can be cemented together with concrete or mortar, they still provide a sense of a more natural setting than a smooth, poured concrete area does.

Getting Ideas for the Property

Options for extending living space and building retaining walls are nearly unlimited when designed and implemented by a contractor such as Ballard Enterprises. Looking over photo galleries and taking pictures of places where the property owners visit provides a wealth of ideas. Some of those ideas will be perfect for the residential property these individuals have purchased. Contact us to get started.