When the grout between interior or exterior brick, stone tile, or ceramic tile degrades, it will need to be repaired or replaced to save the tiling or masonry work. Hire a Grout Repair Service in Baton Rouge LA to get the best result. There is a correct way to repair grout work and it is more complicated than just adding more grout. Companies such as Superior Grouting offer many grout related services and have the correct materials, industrial equipment, and experience to complete them quickly and successfully.

Grout Services For Remediation Jobs

When a person purchases a fine older commercial building as an investment or a home for their growing business, remodeling is often required. Concrete and grout repair projects may be needed on both the interior and exterior of the building. Masonry and brick exterior walls may need grouting repairs to avoid deterioration of the walls or water leaks. Sidewalks and concrete parking structures may have cracks and misaligned concrete slabs. These defects may cause liability because of tripping hazards. If left unrepaired, the cracks and settling may compromise the structural stability.

The building foundations or the slab may need to be lifted, leveled, or repaired. Voids under slabs may need to be filled and underlying soil may need to be injected for stabilization. The settling slab may have caused cracks in interior walls and floors, windows and doors that do not operate properly, and more. When all the defects are remediated, the building will be more structurally sound and gain in value.

Interior Grout Services

When the building is level and stable the interior surfaces can be remodeled and decorated to get the building ready for use. This is a time when grout repair service in Baton Rouge LA may be needed. Historic buildings may have extensive tile installations with grout that needs to be replaced or repaired to bring the tile work back to its original beauty.

To repair grout correctly, any loose or deteriorating grout must be removed. Loose tiles or missing tiles must be replaced with proper adhesive. Then, the whole area must be swept and cleaned to be ready for the new grout. The new grout must match the existing grout. The whole tile design will need to be cleaned and sealed when the grout is dry. Visit Us to get quotes on grout repair projects.