A family is at a baseball game when suddenly a ball flies, hits the five-year-old in the head, and the child suffers a brain injury. The family may have a personal injury lawsuit against the ball club, but there are things they should know about personal injury lawsuits in the state they are in. A traumatic brain injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro MD wants potential clients to understand how the law applies in Maryland. Here is a look at some of the things clients should know about personal injury law in Maryland.

Personal Injury Law in Maryland

If the family wants to pursue a personal injury lawsuit for the child who suffered a brain injury, the statute of limitations in Maryland allows for three years from the date of the accident. While this may seem like a long time, the family needs to stay on top of this date because once the date passes and the lawsuit has not been filed, there is almost no chance of having the case heard. The family will also lose the opportunity to be awarded damages for the child and be left to cover the medical expenses.

More about Personal Injury Law in Maryland

When it comes to damages in Maryland, for non-economic damages (injuries for pain and suffering), the medical injuries are capped at $695,000. There is such a thing as the contributory negligence rule, which is a harsh principle that bars the plaintiff from receiving anything if the plaintiff is somehow found to be at least one percent at fault for what happened. The attorney for the defendant could come up with something that proves this, and in the case of the family with the little boy, they would be left with nothing.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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