When hosting a big event, or even a simple affair at home, it’s important to have enough ice on hand for the drinks being served. Ice may also be needed to keep temperature-sensitive items properly chilled, so plan accordingly. An ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY, such as Long Island Ice & Fuel, can supply all of the ice that’s needed, from ice cubes to ice blocks and even ice sculptures and luges.

Bulk Ice

Buying ice cubes in bulk is the ideal way to have enough on hand for a special event. Ice cubes can be purchased in 5, 16, and 40-pound bags, and crushed ice can be purchased in 25-pound increments. Depending on need, arrangements can be made to have the ice delivered, or it can be picked up at the dock. If picking an ice order up in person, a container must be brought to transport it.

Block Ice

Besides ice cubes, ice blocks may also be needed for that special event. Ice blocks come in clear 300 pound solid blocks that can be carved into any shape or design. Due to the extreme weight and size of block ice, a pickup truck should be used to pick it up and transport it.

High Standards

Purchasing ice from an ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY ensures the ice is free of impurities that could affect its appearance and taste. When an ice manufacturing facility chooses to conform to guidelines set up by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), it signifies the facility is inspected yearly and meets all safety standards for food safety. Since ice products were recognized by the FDA as a food item in 2009, packaged ice that contains the IPIA (International Packaged Ice Association) seal of approval label complies with food safety regulations.

Ice Sculptures and Luges

Ice sculptures and luges are often used as centerpieces for special occasions and can be selected from pre-carved, in-stock items. Since these are specialty items, they should be ordered in advance to guarantee enough stock is available.

Having enough ice on hand is important for entertaining. No one wants a warm drink that was supposed to be served chilled. An ice distributor can provide a variety of ice products to meet any need.