If you are a professional painter, you cannot afford to give any customer a cheap looking paint job. You also do not want to take too much time, or you lose money. If you want the best for your customers and your business reputation,consider using painting tools like microfiber paint rollers. Here are some reasons to use this kind of material.

Micro Means Tiny

Microfiber material is manufactured from nylon and polyester fibers. These fibers are split many times, and it makes them extremely thin, yet they remain strong and durable. Unlike standard fibers, microfiber paint rollers have fibers much smaller than the thickness of one human hair.

Why Use Tiny Fibers for Painting?

Standard fibers can only touch the surface when it comes to painting. There are a lot of gaps in the material. However, microfiber material is so tightly woven together with few gaps (and the gaps which exist are microscopic) it can absorb and apply paint in areas standard rollers cannot touch. This delivers one of the smoothest paint jobs possible.

No Noticeable Imperfections

With some rollers (like cheap foam) you can see a lot of areas with slightly uneven application. In fact, cheap rollers may leave a slight texture, which is fine if you want to textured paint. Yet, if you want a silky smooth paint job which looks professional, you should consider using microfiber paint rollers.

Cheap fabric rollers can create problems. For instance, they may contain lint which comes off on your paint job. With some types of foam or fabric rollers, you can get paint splatter on the walls or in places you may not have masked. Talk to a trusted source for paint supplies and sundries about the many benefits of microfiber painting tools. They can answer your questions and help you choose the best materials for your business.