If you want to create metal parts, there are many methods you can choose. For example, you can use modern CNC machining or casting, die casting, extrusion, and many other processes. Metal stamping is one of the most cost-effective methods you may use, and deep draw fabrication is a stamping process with many benefits. Here are some reasons to choose this option.

Taking Metal Stamping to another Level

Metal stamping is an effective way to create many parts today. It is very fast and efficient. One moment you have a piece of sheet metal, and then after placing it in the stamping press, you have a complete part. It does not create flashing or burrs and is ready for coating, finishing, or assembly.

With deep draw fabrication, the stamping process is deeper or longer, and you can get a longer and more complex part. It is considered deep drawing when you extend (or deepen) the part more than the size of its diameter.

The manufacturing process for deep drawing resembles stamping but is not typical stamping. For example, you need sharp edges for creating designs with standard stamping because it slightly breaks (or fractures) the metal as it forms it. With deep drawing, the metal is stretched into shape, and this requires tools specially designed for the process.


Deep draw fabrication technique can create parts quickly and efficiently. When you need a lot of quality parts in a hurry, this is the best method to choose. The fabrication process is greatly simplified with deep drawing. For example, similar parts may need cutting, grinding, or welding to create, and deep drawing can do this all in one step with the benefits of “one-piece, durable construction. This gives you fast production without sacrificing quality, and your efficiency has no place to go but up.