Tax cases should be handled thoughtfully and carefully. The Internal Revenue Service isn’t a joke, and tax errors are costly. Here, you’ll learn a few reasons to hire a tax dispute attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

Estate Taxability

The most important reason to hire a tax lawyer is if you need help filing estate taxes. These returns are complex enough to cause confusion for clients and accountants alike, but a tax attorney will help you cut through the red tape.

Starting a Company

If you’re starting a company, consider hiring a tax lawyer. Your attorney will have the financial and legal knowledge to help you receive all the tax benefits of business ownership that you’re entitled to. This way, you can stop worrying about the IRS and focus on your business.

Operating an International Business

Another good reason to hire a tax dispute attorney in Los Angeles, CA, is if you’re involved in international trade. International business laws are different from those handled at the local, state, and national levels, and a tax attorney will help you work through those differences.

Filing Claims Against the IRS

It’s necessary to hire a tax lawyer if you plan to file a claim against the Internal Revenue Service. Here, your lawyer will walk you through the process from pre-trial to verdict.

IRS Criminal Investigations

Finally, if you’re facing an IRS investigation, you should consult a tax dispute lawyer right away. Attorney/client privilege is an asset, and your lawyer is ready to help.

Get Started

To maximize the chances of a successful outcome, work with a tax dispute attorney in Los Angeles, CA. Whether you’re building a business, participating in international trade, or going through an IRS investigation, your attorney will tailor a plan of action to your case. Visit Vargas Law, APC, at to request a free consultation with a tax lawyer.